Recent Publications


Lived Magazine September 2022. Issue 3 / Theme: Childhood. Available in both print and digital. Lived magazine is edited, created, and contributed to by people with lived experience in madness & neurodivergence. Featuring poetry, art, essays, interviews, mental health resources, and more. My 3D (matchbox) mixed media collage, ‘A Landscape of Disappearances’ (above right, click to enlarge), is included in this issue. The other side of the piece has cut-up text that reads, “A landscape of disap-“.

The Shallot: Journal of Mental Health, Art, and LiteratureAugust 2022. Issue 1 / Theme: Representation of Self. Available in both print and digital. Publication of The Layered Onion, a social impact company created to eliminate the stigma of mental health by sharing and promoting works by artists with lived experience. My mixed media collage piece, ‘A Ghostly Fluorescence’ (above right, click to enlarge), is included in this issue. An 8″x10″ print of this piece is currently available to order through TLO’s online shop – click here for details.

SemioculusMarch 2022. Issue 13: Nightmares. Art zine featuring the dark, dreamlike, surreal. My mixed media collage pieced, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ (above right, click to enlarge), is included in this issue. This piece captures several elements of a very dark and complex dream.


Tissue Box Challenge: A Pandemic ResponseDecember 2021. In 2020, the Quebec Collage Collective hosted a challenge to make a collage using a tissue box. A selection of entries were included in a book published by the Kolaj Institute / Kasini House. My entry is shown above on the right (click to enlarge).

SAD Magazine July 2021. Issue 31: Lost. An independent magazine dedicated to covering Vancouver’s independent arts and culture from the perspective of local, emerging writers and artists. My collage entitled ‘Out of the Picture’ (above right, click to enlarge) is in this issue.