Since leaves – a major staple of my artwork in the pre-urban phase of my life – became “off limits” once I moved to the city, I have not been able to continue with my leaf paintings. However, I was fortunate enough to have acquired a fancy new device called an iPad, which I affectionately refer to as my “new leaf.” Like my collage work, animals of all sorts make frequent appearances in my digital drawings. (These works are loosely based on true stories, but names have been omitted and appearances altered to protect the privacy of those depicted).

Here’s a selection of drawings. Click on individual images to enlarge.

creatures of kindness

Digital drawing of a wolf-like creature offering a bird a tiny, decorated Christmas tree he has made for her.

Here’s a creature who truly embodies the spirit of giving.

This snowman isn't sad and lonely tonight because a wonderful little friend appeared out of nowhere.

This snowman isn’t sad and lonely tonight because a wonderful little friend appeared out of nowhere.










ANIMAL angst

Digital drawing of ultramarine blue bird standing on a tree branch, looking down.

Some days the Ultramarine Bird of Unhappiness just doesn’t feel like flying


Digital drawing of a teal bear stealing the 'S' from large teal-coloured text reading 'Do Not Steal'.

After finally finding the colour missing in his life, this bear was now in a moral quandary.







Digital drawing of a bunny sitting on a rock and looking out at a green sky.

After finally finding the answer to why the sky is blue, this bunny now has to rethink everything.


Digital drawing of a cat staring at a wall and focused on the red dot from a laser pointer.

Here’s a cat who’s beginning to realize the futile nature of the goal she’s been chasing.


Beings in the Moment

Digital drawing of a bear playing a keyboard.

Here’s a bear playing keyboard – badly, but he doesn’t care.


Digital drawing of a polar bear sitting on the ground looking up with a paw reaching up towards the falling snow.

Here’s a bear who still finds every snowfall magical.