Me & My Art

I am a self-taught artist whose interest in art began rather organically after the onset of illness several years ago. My main forms of creative expression are writing and visual art. Specific areas of interests include creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry, comics, collage, and mixed media.

Although my art is influenced by many aspects of my identity and background, I would have to say that chronic illness and disability have had the greatest influence on my art – both in terms of content and process (a very concrete example being that I do much of my work from bed).

Chronic physical and mental health challenges have resulted in fluctuating levels of productivity. Over the past 15 years, I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into various creative projects that were shelved prematurely. I am hoping to revisit and possibly revive some of these projects.

Having left a career in health care due to chronic illness and disability, illness not only sparked artistic expression but also led to an interest in the many intersections between arts and health. Attending the first Writing & the Art of Medicine conference in 2007 was a turning point for me.

I read many of the key ‘arts and health’ texts I was introduced to at the conference and spent a few years developing and facilitating arts-based workshops (with some help) for people living with chronic illness and for health professional students.

These days, my focus has been working on my own art. Although drawn from personal experience, I hope others connect with something in my art that goes beyond my experience. I also share sources of creative inspiration at: